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Moved with Compassion

Moved with Compassion

My little brother for quite a period has been disturbing my peace by consistently demanding that he needed this operation. Out of his pressure, I give in and so we set out to actualize his wish. At exactly 10.00 AM we arrive at this facility and because it is a minor surgery, we needed not a prior appointment. I am quite at home with the streets of this facility and i only needed slight guidance to be at the theatre room. A keener look at my brother further proves his determination to have the operation and am wondering where boys of these days draw their courage from. We make a sharp right corner and in no minutes, we are here: Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) tag greets us at the door. Very fast I head over to book him for the procedure and in no minutes, we are booked chronologically third. I head over to my brother to assure him that all is right, and it is not an awful procedure (of course nothing beats an assurance that comes from experience). After a short, while his name is called cutting short our bromance moments, I am so happy for him and I see him off assuring him that I will be right at the door to receive him after the procedure.

Once he is off, I decide to take a walk around this facility, reminding myself of the attachment days and also trying to catch up with the friends I made including my supervisor at the time. This facility has undergone face-lifts a big time and the number of structures ´hanging on air ‘amazes me- should I appreciate devolution or donation from well-wishers like Fred Hollows? A micro-center by the University of Maryland Baltimore is quite conspicuous here with the inscription ´Free Medical Tests Done Here´-being an African, FREE was so loud that I decided to check into this place to have a taste of it thereof. In my mind am like ´if they are free why not?´´ I strongly take after the faith of my father who believes that men of God do not fall sick and true to his belief since my childhood I have never seen him check into a hospital for being sick.

It is a Friday but because of the nature of this locality, there are no queues and so I automatically book me next. The receptionist then tells me to hold on a bit as she goes to call the doctor. I hold my peace and in few minutes I see the doctor descending stairs. A deeper look reveals a fine young man in his mid-thirties and so I feel confident within because there isn’t a generational gap. He settles in his desk and we pick up the normal salutations coupled with the ordinary medical cues to set the mood for the moment. Having seen him struggle to descend the stairs, I my mind is like ´maybe not all is right´. The world has shaped me to be quite inquisitive and so i pick it up, ´´are you alright sir? ´´ and of course I ask this with the WHO definition in my mind. As he tries to collect a piece of sheet to record my biodata, he pulls a deep breath and forces a smile to respond back to me. As he tries to write, he lays the paper in a weird position as if he is to write upside-down and at this point, it is phenotypically evident that all is not right. Am moved with his struggles and at this moment it is point blank that i share so much in his shoes.

´´Eric!´´ he pulls another deep breath as he collects himself to respond to me. ´´this life just happens, and it is interesting our timelines. Five years ago I was diagnosed with Arthritis resulting in much pain in the joints and am still on medication. Two years ago I also suffered a stroke that paralyzed my right-hand side. I almost died but God saved my life´´. Ooohhh my God! Confusions and emotions galore not knowing what to do or say. In the counseling 101s, a counselor should be stronger to provide support- but was I a counselor at this moment?- mmhhh maybe just in this particular scenario. Inside my dark spectacles my eyes are bathing in their own water but i was trying to be ´man enough ‘for the moment.

His long-short story to me is akin to a sermon and in my mind, I ask myself, ´´what would Jesus do?´´ it reminded me of Jesus’ episode in Luke 13:10 and for a moment I wished I had this power to lay hands for instant healing to occur. Life happens- so unpredictable and the future lies in much limbo. People go through stuff- Arthritis plus Paralysis! This is already enough hell delivered while on earth and so dear God, on the judgment day, please remember Mercy!

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