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Ace that DAAD Scholarship Application

Studying in a foreign country usually attracts high tuition fees and costs of living. International students, especially the majority from Low and Middle-income countries, are usually put off with these high costs eventually giving up on their dear dreams of obtaining prestigious foreign degrees. However, thanks to the generous contributions from well-wishers, organizations and governments who have always strived to […]

It is Patriarchy- Sorry African Girl

With all due respect to third gender (transgender and people who choose not to identify with either), allow me to define a girl here as someone created female and with feminine roles assigned to the person. Being a girl in Africa, it comes with myriad stakes to contend with. In the face of true African culture and practices, the place […]

The Mythical Cut

Elsa Atieno was a fine girl; so fine that she became an icon in her Ramoya village not only for her epic beauty but also for her brains. She was such an accomplished young woman that everyone always told their other young girls to live, be, and follow her example. She brought a lot of pride to her parents and […]

What Do You Have

Often, when this question is thrown to us, we tend to interpret it as ‘Howmuch do you have?’. I admit I have been a victim too in thismisinterpretation, but time has been so lenient to allow me to learn. ‘What doyou have’ is a whole and objective individual assessment of your endowmentwhereas ‘How much do you have’ is a quantitative […]

Moved with Compassion

My little brother for quite a period has been disturbing my peace by consistently demanding that he needed this operation. Out of his pressure, I give in and so we set out to actualize his wish. At exactly 10.00 AM we arrive at this facility and because it is a minor surgery, we needed not a prior appointment. I am […]